Friday, January 18, 2008

Home-Based Business Is This Right for You?

Author: Lisa Burkhardt

After a week of commuting to and from work do you dream of one day working from home, starting that home-based business? Have you every been forced to give up your weekend plans because the boss changed the deadline on a project? Think about the benefits a home-based business would give you?

If this sounds like you, it is important to ask yourself some very important questions before you make that final decison about starting a home-based business.

Many dream of the benefits a home-based business has to offer, but few take into account the sacrifices that must be made to make the dream a reality. Please don't make this mistake yourself remember the only way to success is hard work.

When getting started in a home-based business you must make this decision with your eyes wide open. Ask yourself the questions but even more important is to answer the questions honestly.

The first thing you will want to do is find out what type of working personality you have. Are you the type of person who looks forward to the social interaction that your fellow employees offer you. Do you like having your fellow employees at your desk on Monday morning discussing the weekend over that first cup of coffee? You may have tried being a stay at home mom but missed the social interaction. Do you need the pressure from your supervisor to meet that deadline?
If you answered yes, then a home-based business may not be the right for you.

However, if you are the type that goes to work everyday sitting alone at your desk maybe even venturing out alone at lunch time to avoid socializing or office gossip; you keep pretty much to yourself. You enjoy speaking only to clients on the phone, you are never asked twice or need to be reminded of that deadline. Your reports and/or projects are always in well before the deadline. Then you might have what it takes to be successful with a home-based business.

In order be successful in a home-based business you must be self-motivated; you need to have the ability to push yourself ahead. Your drive and determination will be noticed with every new sale and your income earned at the end of the month. With out self motivation your end results could be very bleak!

Your level of success will depend on the time and effort you are willing to put into your new home-based business. Without old fashion hard work and determination you will not see the end results you are expecting. Organizational skills, planning (goal setting) and marketing skills will all be very important when you approach your new journey from employee, to being the boss. You will no longer have that boss looking over your shoulder making sure your daily tasks were met; that will be up to you as a business owner, be honest with yourself. It is easy to slake off and find other things to do when you are at home; this is were your ability to stay focused comes into play. You will be wearing many hats and learning an abundance of information on a daily basis.

This puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders now that you are the boss. Can you really work independently? Do you have the drive; the confidence, to keep your home-based business growing? Will you be able to invest the necessary time needed to see it through from the beginning to the end? Being the boss, you are responsible for the success of your home-based business, from disappointments to victory, from profit to loss. Of course we don't want to see the loss but there will more than likely be peeks and valleys in order to reach the success you are looking for.

A home-based business means that you can take good care of your family and make money from home. You will have it all; just think no more coming home to the housework instead you can do it while you work. No more worrying about calling the boss because the kids are sick and you can't make it into work; you are the boss.

My final suggestion to anyone starting a home-based business is to always stay positive and focused, even when sales aren't were you expect them. Keep in mind; that your friends and family may not always be on your biggest supporters when starting a home-based business. You will notice that they can be extremely negative; ignore them and focus on your goals. Success can be the best revenge!

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