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Work at Home, Typing

Author: Per Hogseth

During the last couple of years, people have been seeking out new and different ways to work at home online. There have popped up new and exciting new ways to work at home and one of the most popular has proven to be "typing at home". Why, because of it`s nature of being easy to do and little or no experience is needed.

For a mom at home this opportunity is specially suitable as it is not much time consuming, and all you are doing is filling in various forms and submitting then online.

This work includes, among other things, typing ads for various companies where the typist gets access to a data base of companies. How about making money? Well, you can make quite a bit of money as you get commissions when your typed ads are making sales. The clever person is always trying to find a company with no or little advertisements but with high demand products or services.

So far, there there have almost been an abundance of this kind of work because the companies are always in need of people writing their ads for them. So the more you type ads, the more you`ll earn.

The best way to start is joining companies that provide you with step by step instructions how to do the work. In the beginning the earnings may start small, but the more ads you do, the more you will earn. Some companies even give you a trial period of 30 days.

As with most skills, typing at home is quite easy to do once you get used to it. But it is important that you join a company that will give you the proper service and support as you`ll usually need this in your start up. Join a legitimate program that can teach you the fundamentals about making money typing from the comfort of your own home.

Usually these companies will also give you a list of suitable companies that need your services.

But if a statement sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Here is an article by Better Business Bureaus about things to look out for if you don`t want to be scammed online.
Reliability Report for Synergy Investments Inc written by BBB (Better Business Bureaus)
"Many questionable work-at-home offers are perpetrated through classified advertising. No matter where you find classified ads online, you are likely to find some false and misleading claims. For example, some classified ads promote quick and easy get rich ventures, traditional pyramid schemes, or the basic chain letter scenario.

Traditional work-at-home schemes, such as making handicrafts or stuffing envelopes, have been replaced by offers to use your home PC to make money fast in your spare time.
To protect yourself, learn to recognize the most common work-at-home scams.

ASSEMBLY WORK AT-HOME: Typical Ad -- "Assembly work at home! Easy money assembling craft items. No experience necessary."

This scheme requires you to invest hundreds of dollars in instructions and materials and many hours of your time to produce items such as baby booties, toy clowns, and plastic signs for a company that has promised to buy them. Once you have purchased the supplies and have done the work, the company often decides not to pay you because your work does not meet certain "standards." You are then left with merchandise that is difficult or impossible to sell.

CHAIN LETTER: Typical Ad -- "Make copies of this letter and send them to people whose names we will provide. All you have to do is send us ten dollars for our mailing list and labels. Look at the chart below and see how you will automatically receive thousands in cash return!!!"

The only people who benefit from chain letters are the mysterious few at the top of the chain who constantly change names, addresses, and post office boxes. They may attempt to intimidate you by threatening bad luck, or try to impress you by describing themselves as successful professionals who know all about non-existent sections of alleged legal codes.
ENVELOPE STUFFING: Typical Ad -- "$350 Weekly Guaranteed! Work two hours daily at home stuffing envelopes."

When answering such ads, you may not receive the expected envelopes for stuffing, but instead get promotional material asking for cash just for details on money-making plans. The details usually turn out to be instructions on how to go into the business of placing the same kind of ad the advertiser ran in the first place. Pursuing the envelope ad plan may require spending several hundred dollars more for advertising, postage, envelopes, and printing. This system feeds on continuous recruitment of people to offer the same plan. There are several variations on this type of scheme, all of which require the customer to spend money on advertising and materials.

According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, "In practically all businesses, envelope stuffing has become a highly mechanized operation using sophisticated mass mailing techniques and equipment which eliminates any profit potential for an individual doing this type of work-at-home.

The Inspection Service knows of no work-at-home promotion that ever produces income as alleged."

MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING: Typical Ad -- "Our products make it possible for people like you to earn more than they ever have in their lives! Soon you can let others earn money for you while you and your family relax and enjoy your affluent lifestyle! No experience necessary."

Multi-level marketing, a direct sales system, is a well-established, legitimate form of business. Many people have successfully sold the products of reputable companies to their neighbors and co-workers. These people are independent distributors who sell popular products and also recruit other distributors to join them.

On the other hand, illegitimate pyramid schemes can resemble these legitimate direct sales systems. An obvious difference is that the emphasis is on recruiting others to join the program, not on selling the product. For a time, new recruits who make the investment to buy product samples keep money coming into the system, but very few products are sold.
Sooner or later the people on the bottom are stuck with a saturated market, and they cannot make money by selling products or recruiting. When the whole system collapses, only a few people at the top have made money-and those at the bottom have lost their investment.
ONLINE BUSINESS: Typical Ad -- "Turn your Home Computer into a Cash Machine! Get computer diskette FREE! Huge Selection of Jobs! No experience needed! Start earning money in days! Many companies want to expand, but don't want to pay for office space. You save them money by working in the comfort of your home."

This is typical of advertisements showing up uninvited in your e-mail-an old scheme advertised in a new way. You pay for a useless guide to work-at-home jobs-a mixture of computer-related work such as word processing or data entry and the same old envelope-stuffing and home crafts scams. The computer disk is as worthless as the guidebook. It may only list free government web sites and/or business opportunities which require more money.

PROCESSING MEDICAL INSURANCE CLAIMS: Typical Ad -- "You can earn from $800 to $1000 weekly processing insurance claims on your home computer for health care professionals such as doctors, dentists chiropractors, and podiatrists. Over 80% of providers need your services. Learn how in one day!"

Generally, the promoter of this scheme attracts you by advertising on cable television and, perhaps, by inviting you to a business opportunity trade show at a hotel or convention center.

You may be:
1. Urged to buy software programs and even computers at exorbitant prices; a program selling at a software store for $69 might cost you several thousands of dollars.

2. Told that your work will be coordinated with insurance companies by a central computer.

3. Required to pay for expensive training sessions available at a "current special rate" that will be higher in the future, and pressured to make a decision immediately.

The BBB suggests using extreme caution when responding to any such offer. While ads claim high earnings and short hours with little or no experience, BBB files nationwide indicate no evidence of anyone making the promised money. Rarely, if ever, are these ads an offer of legitimate employment. Generally, these "jobs" require up-front fees for information or supplies, and only the person who ran the ad makes any money.

You should be aware that the United States Postal Inspectors regularly investigate these fraudulent schemes, and that you risk investigation and possible prosecution by postal or other law enforcement agencies if you become involved in one of these schemes."

As stated earlier in this article, find legitimate companies that give you a trial period of at least 30 days. Also read testimonials from other people who have tried the system before you invest any money.

Remember it usually takes time and practice to start making money online.

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