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SES San Jose: Igniting Viral


WebProNews - SES San Jose: Igniting Viral
August 23, 2008

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SES San Jose: Igniting Viral
Jason Lee Miller | Staff Writer

Know your audience, know yourself

At SES San Jose, two themes emerged from a panel of experts
discussing how small and medium-sized businesses can make the most
of their viral marketing campaigns: understanding one's audience
and good old fashioned perseverance.

(Coverage of the SES San Jose conference will continue through
its end. Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and video from
the event this week.)

It's important to know, once you've crafted your message or content,
where to put it., for example, likely isn't interested in
content related to ageing women, unless the predominantly young,
male, and pasty are currently concerned about their mothers.

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"I put my information where people are looking for it," said Fionn
Downhill, CEO & president of Elixir International. And once you've
decided where people are looking for it, you should "make it
really, really easy for people to spread your information."

Then, as a marketer, you have to do something you really don't
want to do: take your hands off of it and let it go like a child
sans training wheels. "You can not control viral marketing, but
you can enable it," said Downhill.

But don't expect success on the first, or second, or third or. . .
(getting the drift?). . .go 'round. Search Engine Guide editor in
chief Jennifer Laycock emphasized the importance of the virtue of
tenacity in King James terms: "Thou shalt know thy customer.
Thou shalt be remarkable. Thou shalt try, try again."

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There's that audience awareness thing Downhill mentioned again,
and "every time you launch a new viral campaign," says Laycock,
"it is going to help you learn more about your customers."

What's the secret to creating a viral campaign in the first place?
Well, this topic has never really lent itself to easy answers in
that regard. But Laycock does suggest, aside from knowing thy
audience, knowing thyself as well. "Use the viral campaign to
address a problem you are having."

Once you've addressed that problem, think about what the way you've
addressed it says about you, and if it matches up with how you
want to be viewed. "When creating a viral campaign, think about:
What do you wish people were saying about you?"

SES: Fixing 404 Pages With Matt Cutts
Watch the Live Video Now!

SES: Don't Disregard Vertical Search
Doug Caverly | Staff Writer

Big fish-little pond scenario not bad

Not too long ago, Google talked about having indexed one trillion
unique URLs, and competing within that pile is a tall order.
Vertical search engines deserve a special mention, then, and an
SES session called "Getting Vertical Search Right" gave them
just that.

(Coverage of the SES San Jose conference will continue through its
end. Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the
event this week.)

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Philip James, the CEO of Snooth, was the first speaker, and he
pointed out that no more than three vertical search engines are
likely to do well in any particular market. This should keep
things manageable for webmasters and SEO specialists.

Paul Forster, the CEO of Indeed, later stepped in with some
specific tips. As reported by Thomas McMahon, "Paul shared that
if you want exposure in vertical engines you can submit structured
feeds to get your listings in the organic results. You can also
purchase ads much like Google AdWords. Depending on the site,
you may also be able to sponsor areas of the site or get ads
in emails."

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Standard SEO tactics are important, too, though, as Jonathan
Dingman, Digitally Imported's vice president of marketing,
reminded the crowd. Links will give you a serious leg up in
vertical search.

Good luck at getting ahead in engines other than Google.

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