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The Importance Of Domain Names For A Successful Online Business

by rk
January 4th, 2008 @ 09:05 AM

So you want to make money on the internet, eh? Well all of us want to do that. But most of us fail to do so. The reasons are many. But in this post I'’ll be talking about the importance of domain names for a successful online business. Without wasting much of your precious time let me just get on to how it is a vital part of an online business.

For webmasters and bloggers:
Imagine you come across a website named as Would you like to type that whole absurd sounding name into your address bar? Even if the content of your website or blog is excellent it will lose quality traffic if your domain name is like the one above. Your domain name must be sweet and simple and most importantly short, just like or A long domain name is always ignored by the people.

For affiliate marketers:
Affiliate marketing is the craze of the online world. It is one of the most lucrative and juicy source of income online. And creating your own landing page results in higher conversions (though it is not true all the time, there are exceptions). Here again the choice of domain names come into picture. A landing page for promoting ringtones must have domain name relating to ringtones. It must be something like etc. If your website name is short and sweet the visitors will visit your site again (provided you have great content) generating free traffic for you. This saves you money for affiliate marketing.

For domainers:
Ever heard of domaining? Well it is one of the high paying online programs. People are willing to shell hundreds of dollars to buy the domain names of their liking. So what certain people do is that they buy domain names from domain sellers for around $10 and then resell to those who are interested in buying that particular domain name for more that hundred or even thousand dollars. But here also the domain name that you choose is of great importance. If you buy a long domain name, there is a slim chance of your reselling it. Because nobody wants a boring and long domain name.

So my final advice for you will be that you buy a domain name which is sweet, simple and short. This will help you a good measure in making money online.

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