Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moving Your Business To The Next Level

By Michele Fredrick

Here’s how you can create a more effective printed material, be it postcards, flyers, brochures or catalogs, to grow your business.

A – Attention
This is the part where your main purpose is to get the attention of your target audience. You can only do that with a headline that hollers of the benefits to be had from your products and services

Let’s face it. We humans are a selfish lot. We don’t care for much of anything unless they provide us with benefits – lots of benefits, that is. We don’t buy much of the products or even give the time of day for most marketing collaterals because of one reason: we don’t see any value to them. We only give our undivided attention when a product offers a benefit that would make life better for us.

I – Interest
You must create interest in your marketing collaterals that leads your target audience to the information you want to impart. You can do that by providing details that relate to an issue that concerns your target market. If you’re in the meat industry, for example, even with great content, you won’t be able to motivate interest among your audience if it’s composed of vegetarians, right.

D – Desire
Develop the ‘desire’ among your target audience to respond to your call-to-action in your marketing collateral. Benefits would be an interesting issue that would make your target audience to do whatever it is you want them to do after reading your brochures, catalogs, or postcards. Make sure that your content would make them ‘want’ to act, to your advantage of course.

A – Action
Your marketing collateral must be so effective that response would be immediate. Your target audience would want to ‘act’ on your message that they are raring to place that call or visit your shop for the item that they want. Remember that in marketing, a promotional effort that does not bring about any action on the part of your target audience is a wasted endeavor.

In order to get the success you want from your marketing collaterals, you need to have these four principles. These four principles would help guide you to develop an effective marketing tool that would create positive response from your target audience.

And remember that these principles are only good with the message you would want to impart. Your main message is the most essential part of your marketing collateral that would get your target readers to take action to your greater benefit.

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